Home automation

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RAHUBS automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances to your Room. It may also include security such as access control and alarm systems. When connected with the Internet, home devices are an important constituent of the Internet of Things.

RAHUBS automation system typically connects controlled devices to a central hub. That is our "gateway". The user interface for control of the system uses either wall-mounted terminals, tablet or desktop computers, a mobile phone application, or a Web interface, that may also be accessible off-site through the Internet.


Smart Home Hubs and Controllers

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The Echo is a Bluetooth speaker powered by Alexa, Amazon's handy voice assistant. Alexa works with a number of smart home devices directly, as well as with If This Then That (IFTTT) to control plenty of others via "recipes" you can create yourself. It'll take some work, but you can use Alexa to control most of the gadgets in your house by the sound of your voice. If you already have a favorite speaker, the inexpensive Echo Dot can connect to it and add Alexa functionality. And if you want a touch screen to see search results and make video calls, check out the Echo Show or Echo Spot.


Artificially intelligent robot

Robot talks to you

Guests will be greeted by an artificially intelligent robot which will verify the visitors' identity through facial recognition. Smart speakers will be installed in every room that will be able to turn lights on and off with a voice command, or even order a bottle of water which will be delivered by a robot. Cleaners however remain very human, although they will be alerted automatically when it is time to make the beds.



The Internet of things (IoT) is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices

Sleeping Bed Sensor

monitor your bedroom and tell you exactly how to get a good night's rest

Hotel check-in/out and self service kiosk

Today’s travellers' preferences are dominated by mixing the best of traditional and digital experiences.

Face Recognition

Allows attendees to check-in out and go to the room using only their face.

Sound control technologies

Control room facility without hand

AI travel guide

Artificial intelligence can be used to improve personalisation

Google Map

Allows you to use Google Maps as a trip planner by creating a custom map and adding pins for multiple locations.

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